• How do you commission a portrait painting from a photo?

    If you need a painting (be it a landscape, a portrait of a person, a pet, a car, a house, or a flower), you are in the right place. I will happily paint whatever the subject, size, and medium is. First thing you do is fill in this Custom Art Commission query about the painting you want. This query will fast track the commission in the right direction:

    step by step painting of a cake with roses
    This is how a typical commission is painted, from establishing color scheme and background to final details.
    • Upon receiving the Query, I will email or send you a Custom Art Commission Contract via preferred channel of communication. If you agree on terms and conditions stated in the contract, you sign it and email me a digital copy of the signed contract and also pay the initial 35% deposit. This is the date of Start of Work.
    • Within the next 14 days after the Start of Work, I send you photos of sketches (outlines) of the painting, and when you approve one of them, I send you a photo of the actual painting on canvas (or whatever materials you specify) with basic colors and shapes for you to have a better idea what the painting is going to look like in the end.
    • On approval, I will proceed to apply fine details and nuances of the painting. This stage may take up to several weeks, depending on the complexity of the artwork. During this stage, I may contact you for further approval and discussion of details and nuances. You may still initiate some changes, if they do not affect the general composition, and color scheme of the painting. I strongly suggest that you specify all major elements of the painting at the stage of sketch approval and blocking in main colors and shapes.

    When there is a deadline, you will receive a photograph of the final variant of the artwork a few days prior to the deadline to allow time for packaging and shipping.

    Find out more about commission process in this article.

  • What is a standard pricing for a commission painting from a photo?

    Many of my commissions consist of requests for an acrylic or oil painting on cotton canvas.

    This is a QR code to a page where you can commission a painting from me
    Turn on your phone camera and point it on this code. Then click on a yellow link to BuyMeACoffe.

    I also paint on linen, canvas boards, panels, and slabs. You can read about how standard Terms and Conditions apply to each of these commission types. We will negotiate and finalize expected timeline, cost, materials, and you as my Client will have a clear picture at time of Custom Art Commission Contract, before Start of Work.

    To commission a painting online, please scan this QR code or click on this link to my BuyMeACoffe page.

  • What is a good size for a commission painting?

    Here’s a quick overview of the most common art-canvas sizes I use. Whether you need a miniature painting, something in between, a painting on multiple canvases, or one rather large piece to go on a certain wall, you can have exactly what you need and have it delivered exactly when you need to have it.

    semi-abstract lavender and sea
    A floral semi-abstract painting with lavender and sea by a student.

    Small sizes are 4-by-7 inches and everything in between. They can be a good size for creating artwork to scan and turn into postcards, greeting cards or other stationery designs for your brand.

    Medium sizes are 8-by-16 inches and everything in between. These sizes are ideal for smaller rooms and corridors. Average shoulder-length portrait paintings look best between 12-by-16 (16-by-20) for a single person or pet, and it is minimum 16-by-20 inches size for a shoulder-length family portrait.

    Large sizes are 18-by-24 inches to 36-by-48 inches and everything in between. Large paintings are exactly what you need to make an impact in a room. It is also appropriate size for a full length portrait.

    The general rule of thumb we use is that artwork should be about 75% of the width of the furniture, and this applies to a single piece of art or a grouping. My personal opinion is you should be able to judge for yourself and have your space reflect your personality, taste, style and your vision.

    Note: The size categories above are my personal objective choices. What seems small or medium to me might seem large to another person. If you need more information about sizes of paintings and some insight on rectangle shape versus squares, read more about how to chose size of a painting for a certain interior.

  • How about non-standard commission paintings?
    map of the world with rich texture
    Some paintings cannot be copyrighted, while others can be sold along with a copy right, it depends on the situation.

    I am open to discussing art projects involving other materials and styles – so if you have an idea for a commission painting that varies from my standard types, do not hesitate to let me know. However, first review standard Terms and Conditions so you are aware of how my commission system generally works. If you are seeking an artist to work on a project (long-term contract, children’s book, layout design, volume works, etc.), and/or seeking to use the artwork for a commercial purpose rather than personal collection/use, please contact me (or use the button below) to submit your project proposal.

    Commercial Purpose Art Commission query

  • How about gift certificates?

    If you need to make a unique present and commission a painting for somebody else (be it a landscape, a portrait of a person, a pet, or just anything), but you are not sure which photograph to choose as a reference, or there is no time before the special event, I offer a great solution – a Gift Certificate. There are several price packages, and you can pick the one that suits you best. You can choose both the size, and also the percentage of the painting you want to cover in your gift certificate. The certificate is valid for 3 years, and you can renew or modify it at any point. Contact me to order a gift certificate.

    All in all, it is a great option for a last minute gift. After your payment is confirmed, you get access to an online page with a unique code, that you can print out and give as a present.

  • Are there any discounts?
    Sundae ice cream and strawberries
    Sweet things in our lives

    My rates for commissions/projects are negotiable and dependent on scope; returning customers will receive a discount, as do volume works – but commercial purpose works will require terms of service that vary from those listed on my website. Project scope, schedule, budget, and conditions (including project phases, payment method, rush fees, re-work fees, early termination, royalties, etc.) will be discussed prior to a Commercial Purpose Art Commission Agreement. Expected timeline, cost, and applicable fees will be negotiated and fully disclosed to Client at time of Commission Agreement (or Commercial Purpose Commission Agreement), before Start of Work.

Thank you for visiting my site and for your interest in my artwork. I am delighted to accept your commission and comply with the terms you specify. I also will be greatly thankful if you provide a Testimonial on receiving the fulfilled Custom Art Commission.