Do not buy art, you can make it!

Five things to consider before buying art

Have you ever asked yourself if you can make a painting you liked in a gallery? Are you one of those people who have always wanted to paint but never dared to try? The short answer is yes. Really, if you have a strong desire and some free time, you are very likely to make a painting. And below are five reasons to try to make a painting.



“I’ve come to feel that decorating our homes is first of all an act of creation, and an important one. It’s our attempt to bring a sense of order to our lives in the midst of the obvious chaos of the world”, Tobby Yull, a professional interior designer. Every house has at least one wall that would add some spice to the whole space, if it had a piece of art on it. And no one knows what art would perfectly fit your house better than you, because the interior of your home reflects your inner world, taste, and vision for beauty. For example, it can be textile art, photography, wall art, wall sculpture, and so on. And most importantly, the best art is the piece you created with your own hands.

This is Tania Rouser painting a Colorado landscape
Plein air painting at the Sapphire Point



As we all know, art is all about feelings of enjoyment or relaxation, and consequently you choose what you want to experience while creating art. From what I know, after years of art practice, happiness is a choice, and art is a way to get there. I used to always hear from my students how inspired they were painting. In March 2020, right before the shutdown, I came to the USA. And here I am painting breathtaking landscapes of the Rocky Mountains. Nothing compares to feelings and experiences one can get as a plain air artist.



Modern world makes us move faster and manage our time efficiently. We choose fast food to save time, and the same with art. In short, you can paint a masterpiece of your own, even if you work nine to five, and the last time you painted was back in school. Likewise, in case you are an amateur artist, shy to share your creativity, accelerated painting course is a step for you into a new skill level. Accelerated art course may consist of only one lesson, during which you complete a painting . This will boost your confidence and have a lasting positive impression even if you only can paint once in a long while. And yes, there are tons of videos on how to paint to warm up before a lesson with a teacher. So what are you waiting for?



You may wonder how to pick up one to perfectly fit your particular type of interior among billions of paintings? And consequently, you ask yourself how you choose what size should the painting(s) be? What about colors, will they match the interior?  This article by Brosa studio will help you save tons of time when choosing the perfect art piece you can create for your space, they did a great job compiling a checklist you actually need to go through to simplify your choice. And after you are done choosing an idea, or finding an image, or a couple of ideas and images, just contact me. In case you have always wanted to paint, but there is too much stuff you would like to express through painting, we can brainstorm together and get to the core of what is the best idea for your first painting. 



Here are some questions that can help to take the right direction in choosing what and how to paint:

A contemporary black and white painting
When your interior requires a painting in black and white and you also love dandelions.
        • What is your favorite thing (that is, an object, a place, an activity, a phenomenon, a theme, an idea, a symbol, an emotion, an ethnic motive, or a historical period) to look at?
        • Do you have a dream you want to realize, and have a reminder always be there on your wall?
        • Maybe you have a favorite visual artist you can take inspiration from?
        • Have you decided where the painting will hang?
        • Do you want the painting to stand out and dominate the space, or should it match it and blend into the interior?
        • What about doing something new and feeling good about it?


A perfect painting for contemporary home
Expressive contemporary style floral painting.

If yes, then it’s time to make this world a more beautiful place and create a painting!


Here are some photos of some of my students with their paintings made in 2019, while I was still living in Ukraine.
A purrfect painting if you are a cat person
A cat portrait for a modern teenager’s room.
A modern impressionistic floral painting
There is nothing easier and more fun to do, if you have a color in mind to match your interior, and you know that you would like to have texture with flowers.



Leave a comment or find me on social media, if you have any questions about paintings, canvases, painting supplies, and art in general. I’m not selling anything, so my advice will not be affected by affiliation to any brand or store. In this post you can get a few ideas of how to improve your painting and start making quick progress. And if there is any additional information you need, I’d be happy to share, just let me know.

And, as one of the coolest painters said: “All you need to paint is a few tools, a little instruction, and a vision in your mind.”
Bob Ross